Friday, August 28, 2009

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HT Super Doubles

I made my first trip to HT this morning for Super Doubles. I wasn't in the mood at all to go grocery shopping but we have a packed weekend ahead of us and this was the only time I had to go. So I packed up the boy, coupons and reusable bags and headed out. I did pretty well but I think if I'd been in "the zone" I may have done better. This was our big grocery trip so there were alot of things that didn't have coupons but were needed.

2 packs Keebler Cookies
2 boxes Poptarts
2 boxes Raisin Bran
1 box Corn Pops
2 Packs Dole Fruit Cups
HT Diced Tomatoes
2 HT Black Beans
Ball for Jude @ 75% off
Bag of Discount Apples and Pears
2 Organic Salad Mixes
3 Sweet Potatoes
Bag of Vidalia Onions
5 Breyers Ice Cream
Digornia Flat Bread Pizza
2 Kraft Cheeses
Danonion Yogurt
Yo Plus Yogurt
HT Tortillas

OOP: $65.53
Saved: $61.97

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Jessica said...

I'm so frustrated I was 1 item away from qualifying for the Kellog's Fuel for School $10 Rebate. uggg.

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