Friday, August 28, 2009

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Breastmilk - Never Recalled

One way we saved a ton of money is by breastfeeding. (12 mos of BFing saves approximately $1,433) Jude has been breastfed for 14 months. My initial hope was to BF for 1 year and then consider weaning but now that we're here it makes me sad to think of quitting. I'll admit it was really hard in the beginning with extreme pain, mastitis and latching issues but after 2+ months of struggling we finally hit our stride. I didn't like breastfeeding at first. It hurt. It took a look time. I always had to pee during. It consumed me, literally. But I knew it was best for my son and my only reasons for wanting to quit were selfish. Honestly we couldn't afford formula so I had to tough it out. I'm so glad I did. (It's amazing what you can do when you have no other options)

Jude exclusively breastfed for 6 mo. and then we started introducing solids. He loved him some solids but he also loved some milk. Now at 14 mo we basically only BF before sleeping. (naps and nighttime. occasionally in the morning or if he's grumpy)

I read an article today about recalled formula and then saw someone comment with this list of slogans for breastfeeding and thought they were pretty awesome.

Here are my Top 10 Breastfeeding Slogans:
1. I breastfeed because I couldn't produce enough formula.
2. Breastmilk: Never Been Recalled.
3. I drink until I pass out.
4. If breastfeeding in public disturbs you, please feel free to put a blanket over your
5. My baby does not like to eat in the bathroom, do you?
6. Yes, I am still breastfeeding; get over it.
7. Formula-$10. Paci- $2. Breastfeeding - Priceless.
8. Don't be a weaner. Breastfeeding is for toddler's too!
9. When you feed your children in a bathroom, I will too.
10. Instant Happy Baby: Just add breastmilk.

"Breastfeeding: A Moveable Feast".

I will be sad when we end our breastfeeding adventure but who knows when. I have no idea when or how to even start weaning.

At what point did you completely wean your baby if you breastfed?
How did you do it?


Paige said...

Daniel is 19 months, and I haven't completely weaned him. He still feeds every 24 to 36 hours, and on occasion after a bad fall or boo boo. Sometimes it is when he wakes up, sometimes it is before bed. Usually I don't offer it, but if he takes me by the hand to our breast feeding spot, I don't refuse. Sometimes I get a little embarrassed that I haven't weaned him, but I think it has been good for him and it was definitely healing for me to still have that connection with him after the last miscarriage. I was going to wean by 18 months, but I'll give him till 2 to drop it on his own.

Andrea said...

I breastfed exclusively until Oscar was 5 months, then added solids and a formula feeding. I plan to mostly BF until a year like you and then see what happens. I have heard that if you plan to wean, to take it one feeding at a time. I don't think there is a "right" way to do it. As always, every baby and mom is different. Nothing is 100% right for everyone.

K. Rodriguez said...

I LOVE this post, Jess! That is awesome that you are still BFing Jude. For me, the beginning was always a little rough. But after 8 weeks, things seemed to work themselves out. I, too, breastfed my first b/c of money issues. However, it turned into something I really wanted to do. As far as the weaning, every child is very different. For me, I found the nursing times that he liked best and kept those. For me it was morning and night. If he was interested during the day, I would try to distract him with books and toys. I would only suggest dropping one feeding at a time. It was a bittersweet moment for us. The sweet part was that he snuggled with me even more, after he was weened. I think he knew I need that extra time, since he wasn't BFing anymore. I am so thankful that I could breastfeed both boys past 1 year: Gus to 15 months, Cam to 17 months.

Erin Henry said...

You can go for a long time on one or two sessions a day. Ben weaned at 2 1/2 when I was pg with Laurel--one morning I told him it just hurt me too much, that we couldn't nurse anymore, and he shrugged. I was shocked that the last time was that drama-free. Laurel's still nursing. She's 2 1/2 now, and just recently cut down to 1 session a day, first thing in the morning.

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