Saturday, October 10, 2009

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Saturday Yard Sale Finds

This morning Joe went to a Men's Conference at our church so Jude and I took the opportunity to do a little yard sale-ing. The neighborhood I grew up in was having their annual community yard sale and when I lived there it was always a big event. But time has passed and the neighborhood has lost it's novelty and the community yard sale was seriously lacking.

However, we did manage to snatch up a few good finds.

11 board books for $4 total (they usually cost $5 ea new)
2 pair of 24mo pants for Jude at $1 ea

I was hoping to find more clothes for Jude or toys for boys but it seems that all the families in that neighborhood have little girls.

I'm hoping to hit a few thrift stores sometime this week. Maybe we'll score some good deals on winter clothes for Jude.

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