Saturday, September 5, 2009

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CD Stash Brag

I just read a blog by my friend Amy who wrote about her cloth diaper stash and it inspired me to do the same.  I love my cloth diapers and write about them alot, like here, here and here. Also, I often get asked what we use and why so here's our current stash!~

MY STASH! (I'd post a picture of everything but that would mean having everything clean which is impossible... so product shots will have to do!)

24 prefolds (Unbleached Indian)
4 Imse Vimse Covers (2 Farm, 1 Jungle, 1 Olive Stripe)
2 Bummis Cover (Green Super Brite, Frogs)
1 WAHM Cover (Orange)
1 KCKOne Cover (Ooga Booga Print)
1 WAHM Swim Diaper (Striped)
1 Thirsties Cover (Yellow)

6 Mommy's Touch One Size AIO (All In One)
1 KCKOne Pocket Diaper (Ooga Booga Print)
1 Orange WAHM Pocket Diaper
We also have a 1 pair of longies which Joe and I knit together, hopefully Jude can wear them this winter. I also have a pair of longies which I won in a lotto at Hyena Cart. I bought most of my diapers used from But I did get a few new things from Comfy Cozy Diapers and from WAHMs on Etsy. (A few of my favorite Etsy Sellers are PurpleDucks and Olive Jane.) I think I may have picked up a few things from Hyena Cart during the after Thanksgiving sale last year.

My favorite and most used combo is a prefold with an Imse Vimse cover. Followed by the Ooga Booga cover then Bummis. We primarily use the Pocket and AIO's at night. We pretty much use a prefold where ever we go. (Unless we are on a long trip then we use disposable)

I really like supporting WAHMs even though it can be a little risky. My theory is you can always resell it on diaperswappers or elsewhere if it doesn't work for your baby.


Amy said...

I am glad to see I'm not the only person with a ton of diapers! How often do you wash them?

I'll be interested to see if CD's really do lead to earlier potty training, like some people claim. Most of the one-size say they go up to 35 pounds, and at this rate, Micah will need to be out of diapers by the time he's 2.

Andrea said...

Hooray for cloth! I decided to break out the old prefolds yesterday and they worked great! I just don't reach for them very much because of all the BGs but I should. They are totally fine during the day for us!

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