Sunday, September 6, 2009

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The Boy Can Eat

(After eating a purple sweet potato for dinner.)
Jude was a pretty big baby at birth but he didn't maintain that "big baby" status very long. According to the charts at our doctor's office at 6 months Jude was only in the 20th percentile for his weight. (But according to the WHO standards he's in approximately the 60th percentile.) You see, the standard charts at your pediatrician's office don't differentiate between formula and breastfed babies. Typically, breastfed babies grow in spurts whereas formula fed babies just constantly grow. Which is why so many formula babies are bigger. However, they all start to even out after they begin toddling around.

Well, then the doctor started raising concerns about Jude's weight and I got concerned that maybe he wasn't getting enough to eat. (Even though he wasn't exceptionally fussy and ate well when he was hungry) So we started giving him some solids. It started out small but quickly developed into a feeding frenzy. However, even with the addition of solids his stats weren't changing. So I decided to ignore the doctor and just go with my gut. Which was telling me everything was fine.

Now at 14 months old he's still pretty slender but eats like a horse. I attribute this to the fact that he's an active, growing boy. Not to mention his father is built the same way!

To prove that he can EAT I've recorded a sample of his daily menu. (All you moms of boys let me know if this is about average for a 14 mo old.)

1/4 cup of Cheerios
1 Whole Banana
1 Waffle


1/4 cup chicken
1/2 cup cut up grapes
1/4 cup avocado
1/4 cup pears
1 graham cracker


1/4 cup Earth's Best Organic Banana Smiley Snacks

1 Whole Baked Sweet Potato
1/4 cup chicken
1/2 cup strawberries
1 small yogurt for dessert


In addition to all of this he usually ends up eating a few bites of whatever Joe and I are eating.  I am no longer concerned about his weight but I am concern about our grocery budget!!!!


Andrea said...

I am very interested to hear what the moms of older boys say to this! Oscar eats all day!

gunter fam said...

those charts! they just do not apply to jude, at all. first, he's a breastfed baby and second, you all don't eat a hormone pumped standard american diet. if anything, you can be proud if he's on the lower end. i am proud of you, jess.

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