Friday, August 21, 2009

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Meal time is always a fun adventure around here. Jude eats pretty much everything we eat. I'm not about to cook a separate meal just for him. (Unless we're having something I know he can't eat. But usually there is some part of the meal he can enjoy.) Last night I made Chicken Piccata, Baked Purple Sweet Potatoes and Green Beans. Now Jude loves regular Sweet Potatoes but I'm pretty sure Purple Sweet Potatoes blew his mind.

He ate a whole sweet potato and loved every bite.

Now this baby can pack away the food. At this meal he ate some goldfish, some yogurt covered raisins, a few green beans, some chicken, a whole sweet potato, a few cookies, some bites of mommy's Klondike Bar and a whole strawberry.

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Andrea said...

haha he looks so concerned with that strawberry in his mouth!

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