Friday, August 21, 2009

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Our first visit to Marbles

Yesterday we went to Marbles Kids Museum with our friends Andrea and Oscar. Thanks to a friend we had free passes to Once Upon a Thursday story time, however we didn't actually go to story time. It was our first time and there was fun to be had. However, I will admit it pales in comparison the Museum of Life and Science. But since that is in Durham and we are in Raleigh we will probably frequent Marbles.

Jude toddled around and investigated the play area of course finally deciding the trash can was the coolest thing there. I did finally convince him to check out some of the actual play things. He agreed the miniature car was stellar.

We will definitely be visiting Marbles again. Especially if our friends go.

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Lucky K said...

Nolan loves that little car! Was Jude into the train table? That's where Nolan pretty much parks himself when we are there. I'll have to let you know next time we go, so we can make it a Nolie/Jude date.

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