Monday, July 27, 2009

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HT Super Doubles #3

Seriously I keep finding more things that are free or that we actually really need... like bananas. Jude loves bananas!

So last night we made a family trip to the Teeter. I like night time family trips... it's a fun little outing where Joe and I work together to keep Mr. Baby happy and find the best deals.

Here's what we got:

Starbucks Coffee Drink $2.49 (-$1 mfc x 2)
Newmans Own Salad Dressing $3.59 (-$.75 mfc x 2)
2 Muir Glen Tomatoes $2.49 ea (- 2 $1 mfc x 2)
Qtips $2.79 (-$.30 mfc X 2)
Bananas $1.91
Starbucks Ice Cream $3.34 (-FREE Coupon)
Danonion Yogurt $1.99 (-$1 mfc x 2) makes it FREE

OOP: $10.10
Saved: $13.58

I will actually be making ANOTHER trip either today or tomorrow to get some 7th Generation Dishwashing Liquid that will be FREE after Joe prints the coupons at work. (We were having some issues last night getting it to print from home.)

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