Tuesday, May 13, 2008

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Happy Birthday to Me!

So I turned 28 yesterday and even though it was cold and rainy I still had a wonderful day! The only thing that could have made it better would have been no work, but that's what happens when you're birthday falls on a monday. However, Joe made my work day much better, he sent me a beautiful bouquet of tulips to the office! (The looked something like this!)
Then we had lunch together at Hot Point Cafe in North Hills.

After work we went to our Home Group Social Night, a cookout at the Bonchak's house. Since it was cold and rainy it was more of a cook-in but either way it was yummy and fun. Between, watching 6+ guys attempt to light charcoal in the rain and Seth leading a sing-a-long in the living room, and of course Frank getting to "know" Seanette, we had a blast.

Afterward, we went home and Joe finally gave me my presents! He always does such an awesome job picking out and wrapping presents. Here's a rundown of what he gave me...
1. Jonathan David Helser's new CD
2. John Mark McMillan's new CD
3. Sweeney Todd DVD
4. The Creative Family Book
5. 3 Ugly Dolls (to share with baby lieb)
6. 2 wooden jewelry boxed from Ten Thousand Villages
7. Each box contained 2 pair of earrings from the same store
8. An Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser

I also got a some great present from my family on Mother's Day, actually for my birthday!
My mom gave me a gift certificat to Iatira Day Spa! I'm super excited about that one! She also gave me a few pots so I can plant my vegetable garden.
Birthdays are fun.
I can't wait until next week when I Joe turns 30 and I get to give him my present! I think he'll like it, alot!

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Traumschaumseife said...

Happy Birthday from Germany!!!!

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