Friday, May 9, 2008

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Counting Down

Your baby has bulked up like the average cantaloupe -- to about 4 3/4 pounds. (Length: almost 18 inches, head to heel.)

In addition to the Mother's Blessing/Baby Shower last weekend we also stopped by the Handmade Market. I was excited about this specific Handmade Market because lil Lieb needs some orignal, artsy, outfits and accessories! Joe did most of the shopping because I was overwhelmed by all the choices and we only had a few minutes to pick out items before they closed. (Stupid Buckhead Saloon Block Party!) Anyway, we bought 4 things for lil Lieb. I was very pleased with my husbands baby shopping, he's got great baby style!

Booties and a Bib from Hoobaleedoos

Infant Shirt from SewBlissSew

Onesie from Red Prairie Press

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Hoobaleedoos said...

Thanks for stopping by to see us @ The Handmade Market! I'm so glad you liked the bib and booties!

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