Tuesday, January 5, 2010

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New Years

January 1 has come and gone. To a lot of people the beginning of the new years means a clean slate, a fresh start. They set goals and have a little extra spring in their step. Not to be a pessimist but there isn't some magical life reset that happens between 11:59 12/31/09 and 12:00 1/1/10. My house is still a mess, my debts are still there, my duties as a wife and mother will be there when I wake up. Honestly, I think new years resolutions are kind of silly. Anyway, even though I think it's all a bit silly I like a party as much as the next guy. So on New Years Eve we hung out with some friends while the grandparents watched Jude.

It was a fun evening.

We even participated in the making of a music video! (Honest it was fun despite my dazed look. I'm not used to partying so late!)

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Barb said...

I don't make resolutions either. Glad you had a great night!

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