Monday, October 12, 2009

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Safety 1st - Product Review and Giveaway

Baby proofing is a process. It evolves over time. You always have to be one step ahead your little one.

You wouldn't think a little babe could cause so much destruction but you'd be surprised. Obviously baby proofing your home isn't just for the safety of your material items but it sure helps to have your record collection safely stowed. We've been in baby proofing mode for about a year. Once Jude started rolling around we quickly broke out the outlet covers. However, much to our surprise many of our baby proofing barricades were quickly by-passed and left us searching for better products. After alot of trial and error we finally learned that Safety 1st products are the way to go.

We needed a way to keep tiny fingers safe from crushing drawers. We first bought Press 'n Pivot Latches 4 Pack  but they proved to be more dangers for our particular drawers so we advanced to the Adjustable Multi-Purpose Strap. While they aren't attractive but they get the job done and save alot of tears. (when in doubt just got with the multi-purpose strap. straightforward and effective)

Next were all the outlets and cords. We bought Press 'n Pull Plug Protectors 20 Pack first but with the questionable outlets in our older home Mr. Baby figure out how to remove them pretty quickly so we reverted to the standard Ultra Clear Outlet Plugs 12-Pack. We also bought some of these Double-Touch Plug 'N Outlet Covers, Power Strip Cover, Outlet Cover with Cord Shortener and they all work like a charm.

Finally we move to the kitchen. The Press 'n Pivot Latches 4 Pack  work great on cabinets but our greatest challenge was the lazy susan cabinet. We looked in all the stores for ideas and initially went with a knock-off store brand of the multi-purpose strap and within an hour after installation Jude figured the sucker out. Finally we discovered Lazy Susan Cabinet Lock. Oh glorious day!

The Lazy Susan Cabinet Lock is the way to go for sure if you have a cabinet like this. And Always buy Safety 1st even if the other brand is cheaper and looks the same.

The Give-A-Way
When we ordered the Lazy Susan Cabinet Lock we weren't sure how it worked so we bought two. However, you only need one so now we have an extra unused one that I want to pass on to one lucky reader.

First entry: Leave a comment telling me your best baby-proofing idea.

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Marina said...

hang a little bell over your door, so if it opens you hear the ring and know if your child has left a room

Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

Get rid of tableclothes! Little hands pulling make for a recipe for disaster... and pain.

Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

Subscribed to your blog now, via google reader! :) Looking forward to your posts...

Angela said...

Always make sure your dishwasher is closed tight and never underestimate their reach. Keep every thing hot, heavy or sharp in a closed closet or locked door.

Stephanie said...

We used a lot of drawer locks, door knob covers, refrigerator door straps, and over lock. I know that is a lot of baby proofing, but we wanted to be safe than sorry. My favorite was definitely the refrigerator strap. My son would always try to get in the refrigerator and get stuff out. It worked until he figured it out a few months ago (He just turned 3).

abby said...

We have a natural baby proofing thing in our house. Our family room is sunken. He refuses to step down so we are able to keep him in the kitchen very easily.

abby said...

I follow.

Anonymous said...

I like the magnet locks to babyproof my cabinets so they can't open them even a little bit and then smash their fingers in the cabinet.

Anonymous said...

I am a follower

Jay said...

Tethers to tie down large furniture ie amories or TV hutches so that it doesn't tip if a child tries to climb on it!

Anonymous said...

move all glass or heavy objects that can fall and cover outlets.

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