Wednesday, September 30, 2009

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Wish List Wednesday

Because money doesn't grow on trees and The Foster Family had a great idea I'm participating in Wish List Wednesday.

First since our TV and DVD player are on their last leg it would be wonderful to upgrade to the 46" BRAVIA Z Series LCD HDTV. Watching our Netflix movies would be alot more enjoyable without the high pitch squealing the TV makes for the first 5 minutes it's on.

Second would be tickets for my husband and I to see Star Wars in Concert. This is more for me to watch his face as he smiles from ear to ear like a kid on Christmas morning. Plus it's the only way I'd probably convince him to see the symphony.

Third would be a trip to London, England or really anywhere in Europe in the fall would be nice. We have some friends that just booked their trip to London and I became green with envy. Not that I haven't been there twice already. But I think it's like a drug once you start you always want more.

Finally I'd like to be debt free. I know it's not something you put on your Christmas list but boy the weight that would be lifted off our shoulders. It might actually make some of the things listed above feasible.

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GreenEyedAmber said...

We have a 32" LCD HDTV by Sharp we are going to sell because we will be moving out of our house into a very small house pretty soon. It is less than a year old and has a 4 year extended warranty that is transferable. If you might be interested, let me know. :)

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