Monday, September 28, 2009

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Monday Madness

The highlight of my weekend was:  Going grocery shopping alone while my boys went to see a FREE movie.

The goals for the week are:  Finish setting up Adwords for Alpha Accounting. Menu Planning. Museum with friends. Keep the house clean. Walk.

My marriage goal for the week is: Take care of house stuff so when he get's home from work we can spend time relaxing as a family.

A parenting goal for the week is:  Spend more time outside. Hopefully the weather will cooperate.

A personal goal I hope to achieve this week is: Get back into our daily walks to the park. Benefits everyone.

The thing I'm most looking forward to this week is: Community Group tonight! U2 Concert Saturday!

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Paige said...

Those sound like excellent goals that I should probably have as well. U2? UGH. I am so jealous.

Stefany said...

I am in full agreement on the doing house stuff before hubs comes home and getting outside more!

Have a great week!

Raising Z said...

My close friend said that the U2 was the best concert she has ever been to! She went last week :) Enjoy! I love your goals for the week.

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