Monday, August 17, 2009

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Our Field Trip to Durham

Last Thursday Jude and I took a little field trip with our friends Kim and Jacob to the North Carolina Museum of Life and Science in Durham. We got a little lost on our way there and couldn't find a gas station anywhere in Durham on our way home but all the hassle was worth it! It's a little bit pricey (kids under 3 do get in free) but one day I might consider getting a membership. (For the 2 person membership you'd only have to go about 4 times a year to get your money's worth) Anyway it's a great place and we're hoping to go back in September when Joe's parents come to visit. There is a special exhibit we want to see; Heros, Villans and Special Effects!

We only stayed about 4 hours so we didn't get to see and do nearly everything but hopefully next time we'll be able to pick up where we left off. Jude really like the butterflies, there were so many of them flying around. We played instruments in Loblolly Park, danced in soundSpace, built towers to knock over, played in the toddler learning area, launched giant seeds, pumped water, laughed in the fog, steered a sailboat, and much more.

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