Monday, August 10, 2009

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My opinion on opinions.

I use the internet alot... mostly to keep in touch with friends(cute pictures of babies mostly), to find information(who sang that song, "Steal My Sunshine"?) and buy things (mostly Freebie Blogs!). One part of the internet I try to steer clear of is all the people that, what I like to call, rant blog. (This term can apply to Facebook posts, Twitter or any social networking site.) Rant Blogging is just plain annoying and doesn't really serve any purpose.

Example: I don't like coconut. So I join an anti-coconut FB group and post all kinds of links and blogs about how horrible coconut is and people that eat it must be ogres. Obiviously people that hate coconut will join me in my coconut bashing efforts. But people that love coconut will debate me, saying how can you be so ingorant? only morons don't like coconut.
What was gained from all my anti-coconut cyber soliciting? Nothing

Now lets apply this to real life. Politics. Religion. Parenting. People have very strong opinions about these issues and I think it's great to be passionate. But I think waiting until someone asks for your opinion makes a greater impact. Most likely they are willing to consider your point and in turn spark a constructive conversation about the topic, even if they don't embrace your views.

I'll admit I have trouble sticking to this plan. I get really excited about an issue and must let everyone know I've figured it out and I'm RIGHT!

Here's the real question is this post a rant blog?

BTW Len sang "Steal My Sunshine"


Paige said...

I'm not sure, but the post could be a rant. :) I tend to blog about my personal experiences and in trying to understand my life experiences, I tend to bring up scripture, faith, parenting, etc. It's how I process all the crappy and good things that come down the pipe. This could be seen as pushy, or expressing my opinions before asked, but I think done with humility, opinion pieces can help other people explore their own opinions rather than pushing an opinion on them. I'm not sure I fully accomplish that, but I try!

Paige said...

I also think blogs that blare out an opinion and judge others while doing so are downright distasteful.

Jessica said...

paige. I don't think your blogs are ranty at all. It's one thing to share an experiences and another to forcefully vomit an opinion with no regard for others.
It's ok to get on your soapbox every now and then but to live up there is another thing.

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