Wednesday, May 27, 2009

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Harris Teeter Triples Round 1

Jude and I went today at 11am and they were already sold out of a few things so we'll probably make another trip possibly to another location.

Here's what we got:
(* = No Coupon)
Pepperidge Farm Gold Fish*
EL Fudge Shoppe x2
Huggies Wipes
Viva Paper Towel
Cottonelle Ultra
Ragu Sweet Tomato Basil
Lipton Tea Bags
Whitehouse Applesauce x2
Smuckers Ice Cream Topping
HT Olive Oil*
Weathers Chocolates
HT Natural Steak* (discounted)
HT Natural Ground Beef* (discounted)
Sweet Sixteen Donuts
NY Cibatta Rolls
Heluva Cheese
Mission Tortillas

Total: $72.20
OOP: $36.86

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