Tuesday, March 10, 2009

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Jude is now 8 months old and I guess I just kind of assumed that 8 month old babies slept through the night... haha little did I know some babies don't "sleep through the night" until they are almost 2 years old. And "sleeping through the night" simply means baby sleeps 5 straight hours.

I think his sleep patterns are pretty close to normal, although I wish it was longer overall I think we have it pretty good. Most nights he "sleeps through the night" and then some. He naps wonderfully, 2 naps a day usually ranging between 1-2 hours each. He sleeps most of the time in his crib, in his room but at some point during the night he ends up in the bed with us. We don't mind unless I fall asleep on my arm like I did last night.

I've been reading, The No Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley and I think it's a must read for all moms or moms-to-be. I think we've made great success within the past week already!

It's amazing how a little more sleep can positively effect your attitude during the day. It's also amazing how beautiful weather effects my attitude.

Sleep on baby Jude, Sleep on!

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Amy said...

We've got NCSS too! I haven't made it very far into actually implementing anything though. Micah appears to have hit the infamous "4 month sleep regression" - up every 2 hours to eat. Seriously?! But I felt a lot better when I realized it's a real thing. :)

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