Friday, March 20, 2009

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More Conversations

Conversation with Joe...
I think I'm starting to realize things are getting serious here....

me: hello
4:06 PM all done with Sabrina
4:07 PM things are still looking good... I'm measuring 42cm which is pretty big probably 9lbs
4:08 PM Joseph: wow
you been hanging out with Jillian too much.
me: she said maybe since i've been having more contractions today it should be soon
4:09 PM but most 1st time babies go about 41 weeks
so we're not too far behind
Joseph: how many weeks are we?
me: 41 tomorrow
4:10 PM i want to do something with people tonight
Joseph: ok
4:11 PM me: I've been trying to relax today... I took a nap and I think if I get out that might help things progress

19 minutes
4:30 PM me: any thing you wanna do tonight?

20 minutes
4:51 PM Joseph: hmm

9 minutes
5:00 PM me: i love you
5:01 PM and want you to come home soon

7 minutes
5:08 PM Joseph: i love you too

36 minutes
5:45 PM me: are you coming home soon?
Joseph: i have one more thing to finish up
unless you're in labor
5:46 PM me: i think we might be getting closer
Joseph: do i need to leave work?
me: not urgently... just regular
Joseph: ok
me: when you're done with your stuff

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