Sunday, March 29, 2009

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Hey Ma, is this thing important?

I often leave Jude to play on the living room floor as I wash dishes, do laundry or check my email, periodically peering around the corner to check on him. Occasionally I hear a strange noise or even worse, nothing at all, this inevitably means he's into something he should not be into.
Saturday Jude discovered that the metal support on the TV Stand is removable. Fortunately, our TV is rather light and I don't think the support is all that important, nevertheless IKEA probably included it in the design for a reason.

I'll just put this back....

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Sara said...

Isn't it amazing what they can accomplish when you leave the room! How did he get that thing off?!! When my nephew was like 7 mos old, his grammy had left him in the living room playing with one of those matchbox cars...well when she returned it was in PIECES!!! Like little metal fragments! How he crushed a metal matchbox car...we'll probably never know! But she still has all the "evidence" in a plastic bag!

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