Friday, February 20, 2009

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Thoughts on Stretch Marks

I think pregnant bellies are beautiful and up until the last 2 months of my pregnancy I was the proud owner of cute baby bump. However, I think some time during the last two months Jude hit a major growth spurt and my skin couldn't keep up. I applied all kinds of cocoa butter and salves but apparently some women are just gonna get stretch marks. Anyway, I'm learning to live with my new squiggly belly friends. Actually, while I was in the shower yesterday morning I was checking them out and thought... I know they will fade over time but they will probably always be there, what a neat little reminder of my pregnant months with Jude. It's kind of like nature's little tattoos, permanently marking a life changing event. So when I'm 50 and I look down and see the faded lines on my belly I'll think back to when my then 22 year old son was a tiny little babe in my belly.

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Amy said...

I'm struggling with this right now. Much like weight gain during pregnancy, I try to choose my reaction, I try to think of it as a badge of what my amazing body can do - grow, birth and nourish a child. Unfortunately, right now I just feel scarred up and squishy.

I like your encouragement. I need the reminder to think of myself as I did originally - tiger stripes. Tiger stripes that prove I'm an amazing, powerful woman.

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