Friday, December 19, 2008

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I'm gonna eat... yeah

Party Party

Jude has shown extreme interest in food for the past few weeks. I always said I would introduce solids only when he showed interest. (BTW He'll be 6 mos next week!) So for a couples weeks I was hoping it was only a phase that would soon pass. Otherwise it means my baby is growing up! :(

One night I pureed some avocado and let him try a little... it was obviously a learning experience for him more than anything else but he absolutely LOVED it. He liked sitting in his high chair at the big people table, with his own tray and a spoon! He didn't eat too much but he did have fun.

Over this past week I've decided to let him try a few more things and I think I've created a food monster. While he's awaiting the food he makes the same grunting noises as when I'm getting ready to BF him. He can kill 2 oz of apples! but after each solid meal we have a BF meal where he usually eats pretty well there too. We haven't decreased the number of BFings and don't plan to wean anytime soon. Right now it's alot of fun for him and if he decides it's boring in a week or so we'll take a little break.

Modeling his sweet bib that Jane made for him... it has a whale on it!

Opening Wide... give me apples.

Guiding my hand. He just wants to make sure I don't miss his mouth.

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