Thursday, December 11, 2008

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I Do Love You Hanna

So I have a new love in my life. Her name is Hanna Andersson.
In our search for Jude's Brobee costume for Halloween we discovered Hanna Andersson. This Swedish inspired clothing makes my heart sing, mainly because I have an obsession with stripes and Hanna specializes in stripes! I can't normally afford a pair of pajamas for jude that cost $35 but here's the great news... I've never paid and never intend to pay $35 for such an item. But I do own 5 pair of Hanna Andersson pajamas for Jude. How is this possible? They are all used. Lovely mama's on sell their little one's outgrown pjs to buy bigger sizes. And if your fortunate enough to live near an outlet I hear you can score some great stuff for a steal. Occasionally they will have a good online sale. Like right now select kids and baby pjs are $18. Still a little out of my price range but a good deal considering.
Just look how cute!


gunter fam said...

i like her stuff, too. check out the red hen in carrboro; they always have some hanna in stock. that is, until i get there and use my store credits to get them! you will be glad to know that the employees of hanna are paid a living wage.

Andrea said...

So cute! And I second the red hen...they have a lot of stuff...though I think the used stuff is still a bit over-prioced, it's worth it to dig around. We should go!

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