Monday, December 29, 2008

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Christmas in SC

Yoda watching out for Jude... She decided to adopt baby Jude while he was visiting.

Jude's first stocking with a stuffed snowman inside.

Watching the dancing snowman.

A boy and his first guitar... Muno guitar a that!

Rambo Baby!

Best Gift Ever.... tissue paper!

On top of a car seat all covered with wrapping paper!

This is way too cool!

Cool hat, cool cat, cool guitar...

It's nap time round these parts!

Taking a nap with PAPA!

Thanks Uncle Michael for the awesome hat!

Great PAPA and Jude!

Great Grandma is awesome!

Grandma is the Best!

Sleeping during Christmas!

Christmas Eve the presents await.

Breastfeeding High Five!

Bow head!


Andrea said...

OK that Rambo picture is hilarious. He's so gangsta!

Sara said...

Jude is such a little cutie! Love that hat!

Amy said...

What a photogenic little kid

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