Monday, November 10, 2008

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Starting with CVSing

Today was my first attempt at CVSing.

I try not to buy things I don't need but if there is something we will use that is non-perishable on sale and I have a coupon I'll probably get it.

Today I got:
1 Renu Contact Solution Mulit-pack 2x12oz.
On Sale from $15.99 for $12.99
Plus my coupon -$2.00
Plus CVS ECB - $3.00

Total Cost: $7.99


the management said...

we need to get together to discuss this cvsing and wags stuff. i've been reading up on it for weeks and am still intimidated by it! i guess i just need to take the plunge...

the management said...

oops, it's regan. i don't know why it's posting me as "the management".
some sort of account i've signed up for and forgotten no doubt.

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