Wednesday, November 19, 2008

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Real men like purple and pink.
Jude is currently borrowing Baby Updyke's Purple Bumbo seat. I couldn't bring myself to buy one. They are like $30 retail but you can get them used for like $10. Anyway, Andrea let us borrow theirs since Baby U isn't due till the end of January and Jude will probably be sitting up on his own by then. But for now he likes to think he can sit up... he cries when you take him out of it.

Additionally, we broke down and bought a baby bath tub... I think they are pretty ridiculous but Jude is too big for our bathroom sink and I am too lazy to clean the kitchen sink every time he needs a bath. So we got the Primo Eurobath! It's huge and I don't really know what to do with it but Jude loves it. We gave him a bath last night and he loves to splash! He cries everytime we take him out of the bath. I think we might have the next Michael Phelps on our hands!


Andrea said...

Jude proves that secure men love purple too...and I hope Baby U loves it just as much! When you get things cheap at yard sales, you can't be too picky :-)

Amy said...

Micah likes pink too. But he HATES to be naked, have his diaper changed, and bathing is out of the question. At least he's only 6 days old. How smelly can he get?

paige said...

cute :) i wish i had known about the tub, i would have loaned you mine. we quit using it a couple months ago and now i take a bath with daniel.

Jessica said...

I personally hate taking baths otherwise I would just let him bathe with me. Plus I enjoy my nice HOT shower in the morning.

The Land of Luke & Ella said...

Oh could have used mine too..that pains me. Next time you need something. Drop me a line. Ella, most likely, has moved on since they are so many months apart. I love a good toy swap every now and again. It saves money and everyone wins!!!

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