Sunday, November 30, 2008

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Black Friday Deals

I spent Black Friday sleeping in and shopping in my Pajamas, ONLINE!! I have no desire to get up before the sun and fight crazy middle age women for $9 toasters and Christmas pajamas.

I spent most of my time on Hyena Cart and Etsy taking advantage of great deals offered by WHAMS and artisans. Not only did I get great deals but also got one-of-a-kind unique items for Jude.

Here are a few of the great deals I got....

1. A pair of custom fleece longies with matching shirt from Barrel Full O'Monkeys .
At 50% off I paid $16.50. They will look just like this after the lady makes them for Jude!

2. An Orange Medium Pocket Diaper from Lemon Tree Lane.
They usually retail for $15.75 plus shipping but I got it for $9 including shipping!
3. I WON a $10 Gift Certificate to Chunky Punky Boutique. I haven't decided what I'm going to order but she custom makes bags and other fun things.

4. I bought a pacifier clip on Etsy at Fawn and Finch .
They retail for $7.50 and I got this one for $3.50

5. I WON a blog contest on TC Moms for a Dr. Seuss Superbib.

6. An Ooga Booga Pocket Diaper from Purple Ducks. I have seen alot of diapers and covers with this pattern but they are usually sold out or a bit pricy. But when I found this one for $15.37 I couldn't pass it up.

7. Finally I bought a diaper cover from OliveJanes . It's just cute!

I'll admit I did go to Target and JCPenney later in the day but I'm proud and excited about all the great deals and cute new stuff I got for Jude.

Alot of people are having great deals tomorrow for Cyber Monday so check it out!


Andrea said...

I love that ooga booga fabric! Good finds! I didn't shop at all on Friday...I hit a slump. Maybe tomorrow I will get inspired :-)

Kim said...

cute deals. Love Etsy. I actually did get up at the crack of dawn to get an amazing deal on a washer and dryer. Yes I am middle aged now.

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