Tuesday, October 14, 2008

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Best Election News Ever!

I thought I was pretty sure about who I'm gonna vote for in the upcoming election, but...


And I mean everything.


The Land of Luke & Ella said...

I would expect an article like that on the Onion. If they really want to know who will win the election...they should ask "the unknown force that orders the universe". With all respect due to Mr. McCain...maybe they should also ask him how long it has been since he made love to his wife. God knows that stuff too, right?
I would be glad to hear an honest answer from both of these guys about "what is important in life" but I get a feeling...it would be whatever we want to hear. I think time will only tell the truth of these two men. I hope I am right about somethings and wrong about others. I hope the world our kids live in is a reflection of right hearts and motives. God knows I am working on mine. I will start there.

Jessica said...

BTW this is an article from the Onion which is fake news... it's funny! Not serious at ALL!

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