Saturday, October 4, 2008

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Friday Night in October

Last night the Lieb family shared a wonderful fall evening at home.
Late in the afternoon before Joe got home from work I started preparing for our fall family evening at home. I had some bananas that were ripe beyond my liking so I decided to make banana bread, completely from scratch!After I put it in the oven I started making our dinner of Cincinnati Chili. Joe came home and spent some time with Jude so I could finish making dinner.
We ate our delicious dinner of 4-way Cincinnati Chili over spaghettii with cheese on top!
After dinner we went for a walk around the neighborhood as it was getting dark. We even waved to our friends and neighbors the Stevens' as we walked by their house.
When we got home we settled in with hot tea, coffee and banana bread and Joe taught me how to knit in the round. (I'm making a hat for Jude!)
Joe is an excellent knitter and has a huge collection of yarns. He picked out a nice yarn for Jude's hat and helped me get started. I worked on a hat for Jude and Joe finished the baby blanket he started knitting for Jude 6 months ago. As we knitted away we watched James Bond - For Your Eyes Only, starring Roger Moore.
Jude offered to help hold my yarn skein while I knit.
It didn't last too long.
That was our wonderful fall family night at home!


Amy said...

While I'm proud of your cooking and knitting, I'm even more impressed Joe is such an accomplished knitter. The only other guy I know who knits is in the Navy and graduated from Annapolis. So there you go. Real men knit.

Andrea said...

Hooray! That dinner looks yummy and knitting is fun! Jude will love his hat :-)

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