Thursday, October 30, 2008

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Community of Prayer

Over the past year Joe and I have been members of a "community group" in our church. I've blogged about the blessing this group has been to us but I was just thinking this morning about how our prayers as a community are so effective. We've seen so many answered prayers in our group I'd really like to document them so we can be reminded of what God can do when we are facing troubles as a reminder to ask our church family for prayer.

This morning our friend Kelly emailed the group announcing that she has a new job, something we have been praying with her about for several months. It was wonderful to see all the joyful email responses everyone sent her congratulating her on her new endeavor and answered prayer. We truly do rejoice with one another.

In the past few months so many people have had requests for new jobs.
Here are few of the answers to prayers:
Jen wanted a job that was closer to home and gave her more opportunity to grow and just a few weeks ago she started a new position in downtown Raleigh. Her husband Jon was frustrated with his job situation and just last week he got a promotion. Will was tired of working long hours with little pay and a few weeks ago Jon was able to get him a job at his company. For many months at the beginning of this year Andrea was very frustrated with her job and in a few short weeks she will start her dream job, being a mom! Seth is starting his own company and was able to get a part-time job that offered him flexibility and benefits while he's launching his new endeavor.

These are just a few of the many prayers that have been answered over this past year. I love that we share the details of our needs. Being honest with our needs we not only allow people to join with us in prayer but open the door for them to walk beside us and lend a hand when we need it.


Andrea said...

Thanks for laying this out. It's so encouraging to remember what God has done (and is doing!) in all of us :-)

Seth B. Hall said...

Apparently Will now has a newer job working in pig research (sounds funny but it is true) and will be able to work there while he gets his PHD in Vet Studies I believe. Awesome!! Go God!!!

Amy said...

Prayer is a powerful thing. And it's amazing how intense the group gets and how well we get to know each other when we really start to pray together.

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