Sunday, September 7, 2008

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Party In My Tummy

Joe and I saw this on tv the other night... it was a little bit freaky but I think I might like it.


Sara said...

I think that is Yo Gabba Gabba on NOGGIN. Yeah, Sadie will never watch that. Maybe Wonderpets, Charlie and Lola, Little Bill, but NOT Yo Gabba Gabba! Such a weird show!

Sara said...

It is kinda funny though I must admit...but really weird. You definitley won't find that "animal" on the see-n-say.

Will & Jennifer said...

That is hysterical!!

rachael Kincaid said...

we LOVE yo gabba gabba.

it's so great for the boys,
with lots of music and lessons.
and they get to move around
during the entire thing - always
a plus!

rachael said...

and i have no idea why it says i'm rachael kincaid!
not for 3 more months!

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