Friday, August 29, 2008

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Bottle and Breast

Jude had his first full bottle last night. Yesterday, I pumped 3oz. of milk and stored it in the refrigerator. And last night after our dinner and a small feeding from me I handed a drowsy baby over to dad for the continuation of his meal. Joe had a little bit of difficulty holding Jude in a good position so his arm didn't get tired and so Jude could get into a good position for taking the bottle... but after a few minutes they both got the hang of it and 3oz. disappeared like that!
All of this bottle training is to prepare Jude for his mom and dad's 1st year anniversary, which is only a few weeks away. We're hoping to go out to dinner and leave the babe for the first time, granted we aren't going far and not for long but it's still a big step.
Over the next couple of days I hope to pump and store several bottles knowing that Grandma and Boogie don't want a hungry baby and Jude can most certainly put a few back!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica,
I'm glad that Jude has accepted the bottle. I'm a SAHM and I was deprived of my sleep during the night as he used to be awake and we tried the bottle but he refused. Hope you are aware of the bottle types to chose. I read on that we should toss our toxic baby bottles.

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