Wednesday, August 13, 2008

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6 Weeks and Growing

Today Jude had his 6 week follow-up appointment with our midwife. He passed his hearing tests! (First test woo hoo!) and he weighs 13lbs 4oz. (my chunky hunk!)

Tomorrow we leave for DJ and Zoya's wedding in Wisconsin. It will be Jude's first major trip and first time on a plane. Hopefully everything will go smoothly during our whole trip... I'm trying to alot twice as much time to get things accomplished because I'm not sure how Jude will react to the traveling and time zone difference. He's doing great with eating and sleeping now so hopefully he will continue on that trend.

I will post an update with pictures after we return... so until then big hugs from The Liebs!

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Sara said...

Thirteen pounds?!! Holy moley moley moley! Do you have kryptonite in your breastmilk? He's a healthy boy...Sadie weighs 17 pounds (As of her 4 month well baby visit).

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