Tuesday, June 24, 2008

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Perspective on Waiting

So last week after my meeting with our midwife and doula I decided to make a list of "Post-Due Date Rewards". Erin, our doula, said a friend of hers had done this and it sounded like a great idea so I'm copying her.
For each day I go past my due date (June 20th) I get to enjoy a special treat. My list isn't complete yet because it partially depends on how I feel each day but here are a few examples of the rewards I've received for going past my DD.

On Saturday my mom and I got a pedicure and had lunch.
On Sunday Joe got a reward when we went to Toys R' Us. I had yummy pizza for dinner!
On Monday Joe and I went to Cary Cafe for lunch.

I haven't decided what today's reward will be.... I do plan on going to lunch with my friend Virginia and I am also going to the grocery store where I may buy myself a special frozen treat.

I think changing my perspective from a negative, "Oh I'm still pregnant. When will this baby come out." to a positive, "No baby yet, I get to go to a movie tonight!" helps keep my spirits up.

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paige said...

you should hit up the $1.50 theater while you can. i have not been out to a movie in 5 months.... oh wait, daniel was born 5 months ago!

that and enjoy a nice conversation at the dinner table :)

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