Monday, April 7, 2008

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After reading many reviews and discussion boards I've learn that choosing the right cloth diaper is really just a process of trial and error. However, investigating all the different types and brands of reusable diapers can become expensive. However, I have found two great websites that offer trial packages for an affordable price and even refundable.

Jillian's Drawers offers the best deal with a variety of diapering choices for 21 days with a $100 deposit. After the 21 days return the diapers and you will be refunded the deposit according to your choices.

Sunshine Diapers offers several trial programs depending on the size and frequency of use. The offers vary from $130 to $250 but you have a 3 month trial period. After the 3 months you can return the diapers you don't want and will be given a store credit accordingly.

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