Thursday, April 3, 2008

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Too many choices

So Joe and I are pretty sure we'll go the cloth diaper route but there are so many choices. For those of you that use cloth diapers which diapering system or brand do you use?

Pocket Fold

I'm considering sticking with the old school prefold and a cover... maybe Bummis or Wool Soakers.... or both.

If I go old school what about the option of pins versus fasteners ?

Also, how do you care for you diapers? Do you use a seperate wet and dry pail?

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Jillian aka mommy said...

Hey I would love to show you the diapers I use. They are flat but don't need pins, I also have some bummis wraps I can show you. The best system is a dry pail. I have never tried doing the wet (pail full of water) but have heard bad things about it. I use Charlie's laundry soap and I think the key is to use a VERY small amount. One of my friends told me to never use more than 1/4 of a tsp and that has seemed to work. You will want to rinse (some people swear by an initial cold rinse and some hot) then wash and then 1 more final rinse. I HATE aio's I have tried them and could never get them clean, and they take forever to dry. But I know some people who love them especially when out in public. I feel like I have the next best thing there is no folding of the diaper and then you just strap on the cover, they are really fast and easy and affordable for the most part... This all just gets me thinking about getting some for the new baby...

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