Wednesday, April 23, 2008

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Social Lieb

I had an inclination that having a baby would force me to be more social, however I didn't expect it to start before he/she even arrived. It seems almost every day someone comments on my growing belly and impending arrival. The conversations usually go something like this...

Stranger: Oh, when are you due?
Me: June 20th
Stranger: Not too much longer?
Me: Nope just a few more weeks.
Stranger: Is this your first?
Me: Yes
Stranger: How lovely. Do you know what you're having?
Me: No we decided to keep it a surprise.
Stranger: How nice, a surprise.
Me: Yeah.
Stranger: Well, good luck.

(Insert awkward pause as we wait for the elevator doors to open.)

I guess people feel obligated to acknowledge the fact you're having a baby... or maybe they feel they have a way to connect to stranger. (Usually with some remark like... "oh I know someone that had a baby!" Wow, that's amazing I've never known anyone to have a baby.) Anyway, who knows what I'm in for after Lil Lieb arrives. Yikes!

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Whitney said...

There are even people at church who normally don't make it a point to talk to you that now will randomly tell you they've been reading your blog... and then begin the "when are you due" conversation.

I've gone from ghost-reading to chatting you up in person to commenting on the blog--you're right about the growing social horizon! Just how much wider will it become?!?!

:-) Next time I'll cut the small talk and go straight for your in-depth parenting ideas on disciplining lil' Lieb when he/she is older. A social interaction to look forward to, no doubt!

PS- thanks again for helping me with that thermostat!

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