Wednesday, February 13, 2008

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Welcome the to Lieb Family Blog!

I've decided to join the "real" world of blogging. No more Xanga for me. Since I'm married, getting ready to have a baby and pay lots of bills it's the only responsible thing left to do. Many of you enjoyed my wedding blog at and I thank all of you for you comments and support! I would recommend wedding blogging to anyone, it's a great way to document the process of getting married!
Today marks the beginning of the Family Blog. Hopefully, Joe will contribute to the blog one day. So far he's been a distant observer. I will try to include a variety of topics but will probably drift more toward the events of upcoming Baby Lieb.
So enjoy the journey with Joe and I as we travel into the land of parenthood. It's sure to be an exciting trip!

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gunter fam said...

yay! now i can leave you comments!

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