Monday, February 25, 2008

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A New Raleigh Experience

This weekend Joe's parents were in town visiting and we decided to try something new. Joe's dad found an ad in the Independent Weekly for a new chocolatier in downtown Raleigh. So before we headed to Southpoint mall in Durham for dinner and shopping we stopped by Escazu. Escazu Chocolates handmakes all of their specialty chocolates in house! Obviously, a boutique chocolate store they make unique blends of chocolate bars. We bought a few samples including, Chocolate with Organic Bananas and Spices, The Beaufort Bar with Sea Salt and Chocolate with Chipotle Chili & Vanilla. My personal favorite was the one with Bananas. The Sea Salt bar as weird... I guess some people like the mixture of salty and sweet but it doesn't work for me. The chili bar was HOT! I had the smallest nibble and it almost knocked me off my feet. I don't think baby Lieb appreciated it either since later that evening he/she had the hiccups.

Now I'm a simple girl that love simple chocolate and personally Dove dark chocolate is my absolute favorite. But if you're into exotic flavors you should check out Escazu!

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Andrea said...

I have wondered about this place! Sounds crazy :-)

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