Wednesday, February 20, 2008

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It's common knowledge that most pregnant women have cravings. However, most women don't crave pickles with ice cream. After talking to several of my pregnant friends I've learned that my cravings are pretty standard.

During my first trimester I dealt with typical morning sickness or rather all day nauseua. Therefore, I craved very little except bland foods with minimal odors specifically, potatoes! Baked potato, mashed potato, potato soup... you name it and I wanted it! My biggest adversion was to sweets, which many of you know is completely opposite of my nature! The thought of candy, ice cream or cake made me sick... thankfully I've passed that stage. The popular places for getting potato based meals are Second City Grille and Bear Rock Cafe!

Now, in my second trimester I've moved on to more complex cravings such as Beef! Most specifically hamburgers! But not just any ole hamburger will satisfy this craving, we're talking top notch burgers. None of that nasty fast food stuff! We're talking grade A beef with cheese, lettuce and tomato.... the thick kind and obviously a side of fries is a must. I've found my favorite come from The Raleigh Times, Logan's Trading and Chargrill.

Another one of my most recent cravings has been breakfast food... we're not talking cold cereal and a banana. I mean the full gamit! Eggs and waffles most specifically! Now we don't do big breakfasts like this often and I actually haven't had any waffles yet but it sounds so good. I have managed to sneak a few scrambled egg bagels in for breakfast. (btw. Joe hates eggs!) I'm totally craving breakfast/brunch from Cafe Carolina! Maybe one saturday I can convince Joe to get up early and have breakfast with me.... one day!

My final craving and probably the healthiest craving I've had is for fresh fruit! All kinds.... oranges, grapes, strawberries, kiwi, apples, pineapple, bananas, etc. I could eat fruit all the time if it was readily available. Right now it's probably our biggest grocery expense... but I figure it's worth it! Just looking at that picture makes me hungry! And all this talk of food makes me even more hungry.. time to break out the fruit!

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Jillian aka mommy said...

I am so with you on the fruit thing. I would eat it ALL day and nothing else if I could. My other craving is for vegetables but I want them grilled! I have asked Nathan for a new grill so I can throw them on all spring and summer. My aversion is basically all meat, although if I have to have something it would be steak!

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